Calypso Gymnastics Club delivers one of the best General Gymnastic programmes in London. We have high levels of teaching and the children develop good behaviour and acquire an exceptional level of skill. We aim to provide a safe environment and work to enhance your child’s development. The following summarises our main terms and conditions of membership.


All taught classes must be booked and paid in full in advance via our registration system. We operate three terms per year which are broadly in line with school terms. 

Refund policy

We do not offer any refunds.

Trial session

If you would like to have a trial before subscribing to a class these can be booked online as long as there is space in the class. 

Emergency contact details

Parents/carers must provide a current contact phone number and email address for all registered gymnasts. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to update the contact details and any medical details in their registration account. It is essential that the Club has a current phone contact for all participants in case of an emergency.

Clothing, hair and jewellery

There is no obligatory club uniform. We recommend that gymnasts wear shorts/leggings and a t-shirt or a leotard if preferred. The main requirement is that the outfit is comfortable and allows ease of movement. Jeans are not appropriate.

Long hair should be tied back. Jewellery, including earings are not permitted during sessions.

Food and drink

Food is strictly forbidden in the gym. Any snacks should be consumed away from the gym. Chewing gum is not permitted in the gym. We do encourage our gymnasts to bring some drinking water with them.

Parents, carers and siblings

A parent or carer may stay for the gymnasts first lesson (either trial or first class of booking). After that parents and carers are not permitted in the hall.

Gymnasts’ behaviour

All gymnasts must treat the coaches and their fellow gymnasts with respect. It is essential that the classes are conducted in a safe disciplined manner. Any child who proves disruptive or indulges in behaviour which puts herself/himself or any other child at risk may be suspended or excluded at the Head Coach’s discretion.

Gymnasts should arrive in good time for their class to ensure that they take part in the warm up  which is an essential preparation for the full class. Any injuries or illness should be reported to the coaches before the warm up.

Unsupervised use of the equipment or abuse of the equipment is not permitted.

Video and Photographs

In line with Child Safety practices, parents/carers are not allowed to video or photograph children within in the gym without permission from the coaches. Where permission is given, parents/carers are only allowed to video or photograph their own children.

In events such as competitions and displays spectators will be permitted to video or photograph more freely. The club reserves the right to expell any person abusing this option.

Force Majeure

Where our sessions are halted by circumstances beyond our control including on account of Royal Demise, Public or National calamity, epidemic, war, fire accident, electrical or mechanical failures, adverse weather, riots, public disturbance or any event which shall directly or indirectly affect or be likely to affect the Venue or on the Order of Request of any competent authority having jurisdiction in the matter, the club shall not be held liable for any loss or injury incurred as a consequence.

Reporting a concern

If you are unsure whether to report a concern then we recommend that you do raise it as soon as possible. If it relates to a specific incident then it is helpful to have a note of the date, name/description of those involved and the key facts. More general concerns should also be reported to the club. Coaches are bound by professional codes of conduct and will always treat all concerns with respect, discretion and confidentiality.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to speak to a coach during normal teaching hours. You can email welfare@calypsogymnasticsclub.com and the Welfare Officer will contact you by phone or email to follow up your concern without delay.