Welcome to Competitions at Calypso!

We want our gymnastics club to be as inclusive as possible, so we decided to open competitions to everyone, not just our floor and vault squad.

Our goal for our rec competitions is for children to have fun and showcase their skills that they have been working on throughout the year. There is never any pressure from the coaches to place for medals. If the gymnast finishes their skills with a smile on their face, proud of what they have produced, that is winning for us!

What Types Of Competitions Do We Do?

We primarily enter Floor & Vault competitions and low-level tumble competitions. We also hold an annual Club competition in which all gymnasts are encouraged to compete in.

Where Do I Practice For Competitions?

If you are interested in competing for Calypso Gymnastics Club in external competitions, you must sign up for a competition practice class at least four weeks before the competition.

Gymnasts working on higher-level routines requiring choreography must attend the competition practice for at least one term before the competition.

What Level Will My Gymnast Be?

When you attend the competition class, the coaches will assess your gymnast to see what level your gymnast will be competing at for that competition.

What Do You Wear For Competitions?

All gymnasts competing for Calypso will need a Calypso Competition Leotard and Gymnastics Shorts from the club shop.

Club Tracksuits will be available to order soon.