Gymnasts are split into small groups depending on their age and ability. Please see the Skill Level Chart below to find the appropriate level for your gymnast.

We follow the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Syllabus which focuses on the development of general core fitness (Strength, Power, Flexibility, Coordination) and gymnastics specific apparatus, equipment, and floor skills.  The gymnasts will be tested at the end of the term against the syllabus, a minimum of 7 out of 10 skills are required to obtain each award.  There are 8 Core levels and 3 Advanced levels, the coach will test the gymnast on the appropriate level.

Our coaches are trained by British Gymnastics (the national governing body for Gymnastics) and hold current clear DBS certificates.

Skill Level Table

No Previous Experience NeededForward RollHandstand Forward Roll
Backward Roll
Backward roll through handstand
CartwheelRound Off
HandstandHandstand to crab
Crab / BridgeBack Bend Kick-overs
Squat On & Straddle On VaultsHandspring Flatback Vault
Handspring Off Vault

What Classes Do We Run?


Gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards a selection of competitions including; in-house, local, and regional competitions.