We are so proud to finally be able to offer an unlimited members membership.

What Is The Unlimited Membership?

The unlimited membership will allow you to go to all suitable classes we offer each week. For example, if your child is in the beginners class they will be allowed to go to all beginner classes.

What Else Do I Get With My Unlimited Membership?

Along with unlimited classes, you will also receive a discount code of 10% off all courses and events including competitions and camps. You will also receive 5% off of all shop items including clothing and awards.

How Much Is It?

The unlimited membership costs £100 per month for 11 months (no payment will be taken in August).

Are There Any Restrictions To The Unlimited Membership?

The only restrictions to the membership are:

  1. There must be space in the class you wish to attend.
  2. You must attend that class at least once every 3 weeks or the space will be given up.

How Do I Upgrade to the Unlimited Membership?

If the unlimited membership sounds like the perfect plan for you, simply send us an email (info@calypsogymnasticsclub.com) and we will upgrade your membership. Once upgraded you will be able to book on to all the courses you wish. Advance Gymnasts are welcome to book Advanced or Intermediate classes.